Employee Engagement: Breaking The Rules

In the Harvard Business Review article, “The Case for Corporate Disobedience,” Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg states: Simply put, sometimes the right thing to do is to stop asking for permission and start bending or even breaking select internal rules, working...

Leadership in Business

Early in my career leading was more about being ‘the boss’, the one in charge who made the important decisions. The one who kept people in line and things going in the right direction. My view of leadership today is quite different than it was then.

Employee Engagement: Fostering the Courage to Push Back

I’ve had the privilege of working for a number of good, and a few great, leaders over the years. Many, but not all, are now retired. And, each of these leaders helped me grow in my skills, abilities and confidence by listening to and valuing what I had to say....

Fear of Failure

In the book Tribes, Seth Godin states “Fear of failure is overrated”. He goes on to say “What people are afraid of isn’t failure. It’s blame. Criticism.” and that “We choose not to be remarkable because of criticism.” I...

‘Shift Your Mindset, Save Your Business’

‘Shift Your Mindset, Save Your Business’, an article written by Jane Porter in ‘Entrepreneur’ ezine is well worth reading – especially for small businesses experiencing a lag or drop in sales related to economic factors more than poor business decisions.