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Our services include website design, website auditing, website consulting, website content creation (design and written), article writing/blogs for websites and website management services.

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Our services include social network account setup, social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram), social media audits, social media coaching and consulting, and social media management services.

5 LinkedIn Profile Areas You Shouldn’t Ignore

(This article is updated to reflect recent changes to LinkedIn’s profile layout.) LinkedIn is an important social network for professionals, business owners and job seekers alike.  It can help: introduce us to new people reconnect us with people we may have lost touch...

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Create Your Custom LinkedIn Web Address In 4 Easy Steps

(This article is updated to reflect recent changes to LinkedIn's profile layout.) Creating an easy to remember custom LinkedIn web address, called a public profile URL on your LinkedIn profile, is an important part of making it easy for people to find you online. And...

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How To Get A Verified Badge For Your Facebook Page

Facebook displays the Verified Badge on verified Facebook Pages to tell visitors that it has confirmed the Page is authentic. According to Facebook, Verified Pages show up higher in search results to attract more visitors. Having a verified badge also lets visitors...

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How To Change Your Facebook Page Username (Web Address)

If you've had a Facebook Page for a year or more, you may not realize that you can now change your Facebook Page Username (Web Address) more than once or twice. As is typical with Facebook, this change in their policy simply happened in 2016. I won't bore you with the...

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9 Social Media Basics for Small Business

Data from Pew Research shows how social networks have grown dramatically in the last decade! It helps us see why it is important for business owners (and salespeople, artisans, educators, theologians, etc.) to take social media seriously. Taking social media seriously...

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How Important Is Branding To Your Business?

Have you ever wondered what branding is, and how important branding is to your business? For many businesses, when they hear the term branding, they think of logos, taglines, key images and business colours. But branding is so much more! The term 'branding' is talked...

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