LinkedIn recommendations have been around for a long time! Then, a few years back, LinkedIn added the ability for those you’re connected with on LinkedIn to ‘endorse’ you for a skill. While endorsements on your profile are nice to see, they don’t carry the same weight as a recommendation.

Why LinkedIn Recommendations Carry More Weight Than Endorsements

LinkedIn Recommendations carry more weight than endorsements because they require someone you’ve worked with, or had a client relationship with, to put in writing their personal recommendation about you. Not only that but the person writing the recommendation knows their words will be public for all to see. Thus, recommendations are not given lightly. Whereas endorsements often seem to be.

Thus, recommendations are not given lightly. Whereas endorsements often seem to be.

Also, recommendations on LinkedIn can only come through one of your connections making the recommendation. While you can choose whether or not to show a recommendation on your profile, you cannot edit, add or in any way alter a recommendation sent to you. Any changes needed must be made by the person giving the recommendation. The fact that a recommendation can’t be added by you in any other way adds to the credibility of LinkedIn recommendations.

How To Ask For A Recommendation On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has added an ‘Ask to be recommended’ link to the ‘Profile’ page and to the ‘Edit Profile’ page. (A ‘Manage Recommendations’ link use to be available from the old ‘Privacy & Settings’ area. It is not available in the new ‘Privacy & Settings’ area.)



The link is found on either of the profile pages by hovering over the down arrow to the right of the blue ‘View profile as’ box.

Your ‘Profile’ tab appears in the main menu at the top of your LinkedIn profile. The ‘Edit Profile’ tab appears in a drop-down menu under the ‘Profile’ tab.

The ‘Ask to be recommended’ link is found on either of the profile pages by hovering over the down arrow to the right of the blue ‘View profile as’ box.

Once the ‘Ask to be recommended’ link is clicked, a new page opens up where you are required to answer the following questions:

1. “What do you want to be recommended for?”

  • When this link is clicked a drop down menu will appear with the names of the positions listed in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Choose what position you would like to be recommended for. Once you select a position, the next question will appear for you to answer.

2. “Who do you want to ask?”

  • Here you choose the connections you would like to ask to recommend you.
  • You can choose to send your request to up to three connections. Instead, customize each request you send out.
  • Once this question is answered the next question will appear for you to answer.

3. “What is your relationship?” and “What was their position at the time you worked together?”

  • A drop-down menu provides a selection of relationships for you to choose from. For instance, did you report to or manage the person, or did they report to or manage you.
  • You will also be asked to choose a position the person who is recommending you held. A drop-down menu provides a list of the various positions showing on their LinkedIn profile.

4. Write your message.

Finally, LinkedIn provides you with a standard subject line and pre-written message to send to the person(s) you are asking for a recommendation. I highly recommend you customize the message for each person you are asking to recommend you, rather than using the standard one provided.

Once you’ve completed the process it’s only a matter of clicking the ‘Send’ button.

Other Ways To Use LinkedIn Recommendations

Once you received a recommendation on LinkedIn, be sure to add it to your website if you are a small business owner and it is appropriate. In fact, this applies to not just LinkedIn but recommendations you receive on Facebook, Yelp or any other source. Also, include a link to these other websites where positive reviews about you and your business appear online.

Managing LinkedIn Recommendations

To manage LinkedIn recommendations after they are received, scroll down to the ‘Recommendations’ area on your profile. Hover your mouse to the right of the ‘Recommendations’ title and click on the ‘Manage’ link. This will take you to the ‘Recommendations’ page where you can view recommendations you’ve received, recommendations you’ve given, ask for recommendations and give recommendations.

In the Recommendations section you can also:

  • Arrange the order your recommendations appear on your LinkedIn profile. Do this by going to the ‘Received’ tab and dragging and dropping recommendations into your desired order.
  • Deselect and unpublish recommendations you would like to remove from your profile under the ‘Received’ tab.

Now all that’s left to do is start sending out your customized invitations!

Article revised and updated.


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