Does Your Website Offer Candy?

Your website ABOUT page, and all the other pages on your website, are an important part of establishing a professional online presence for your business. Obviously, your website’s HOME or WELCOME page needs to be an attractive, inviting and easy-to-navigate... read more

Do You Deliver A Great Customer Experience?

My husband and I went out for brunch this past Sunday, and the experience provided a good example of what sets apart “the men from the boys” when it comes to delivering great customer service. Things started out reasonably well. We were greeted by the... read more

Do You REALLY Need A Business Website?

For the vast majority of businesses the answer is yes! Your website is important as the hub of your online presence for your business. But just having a website won’t cut it anymore. Years ago, having any kind of a website meant you were cutting edge. Not so... read more

To Build Customer Loyalty, Pay Attention

The other day I visited Nimble’s blog to check out what was new. A recent article, “How To Build Customer Loyalty And Increase Revenue,” caught my attention. In particular, this statistic: 67% of people cease trading with a business because of... read more

Why People Unfollow Brands On Social Media

Have you ever wondered why people unfollow brands on social media and email? “The Unfollow Algorithm” infographic, appearing in AdWeek’s Social Times, shares some of the findings from a survey of 900+ respondents done by BuzzStream and Fractl. Some... read more

Building Your Brand: It’s About More Than Your Logo

The importance of your customers’ experience with you, when building a successful business or brand, shouldn’t be underestimated. It has always been important but it is even more important today when consumers can easily share online their good and bad... read more

Create Your Custom LinkedIn Web Address In 5 Easy Steps

Creating an easy to remember LinkedIn public profile URL (aka custom web address) for your LinkedIn profile is an important part of making it easy for people to find you online. And the process of doing so is quite easy. (Scroll to the bottom if you’d like to... read more

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